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Third Graders- Called Upon As Experts

by Silvia Tolisano ~ March 4th, 2011. Filed under: 21st Century Skills, Conferences, Digital Learning Farm, Professional Development, Video, Video Conference.

Third graders had the opportunity to be called upon being experts. They were asked to skype into an educational conference presentation being given byKelly Hines from North Carolina and share their experience of using Skype at school. Students were excited and prepared well by being assigned different job responsibilities during the Skype call.
Here were their job descriptions:

  • Answer and Hang Up Skype call
  • Greeter (Introduce ourselves)
  • Q&A
  • Photographer
  • Videographer
  • Live Blogger
  • Note-Taker- laptop
  • Note-Taker- paper & pencil
  • Note-Taker- Doodler – iPad

Mrs Hines sent us three questions ahead of time. As a class, we collaboratively brainstormed how we could best answer these questions.
external image skype-prep_2-319x325.png
Question: Preparation & Brainstorming
external image skype-prep_3-319x325.png
Skype Prep
external image skype-prep_4-319x325.png
Skype Prep

external image skype-call-438x325.jpg
external image skype-conference-1-352x325.jpg

external image skype-conference1-300x207.jpg
Note Taker- Pencil & Paper
external image skype-with-conference-300x221.jpg
Videographer & Q&A

external image slype-conference-281x225.jpg
Doodler/ Illustrator

Here is the screenshot of our “doodler/illustrator” from the iPad.
external image DoodleBuddyiPad-243x325.png
iPad "Doodler/Illustrator"

Here is an excerpt of the video taken by one of the third graders to document the connection.

It was a fantastic opportunity for the students to practice their oral presentation skills, learn about specific audiences (in this case teachers learning about using Skype in their classrooms) and documentation skills (paper & pencil, video, images, illustrations and blogging).

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