The BEST resources on inquiry and thinking tools.

"Inquiry is a way of being, not a unit". (Tod Baker)

My 2nd graders thought about the inquiry cycle - these are their answers that I put in a Prezi.
The Inquiry Cycle on Prezi

Visible Thinking Harvard Project Zero - THE Bible of thinking tools with examples and explanations!

What Inquiry Is Not - Article by Darcy J. Harland

Kath Murdoch - inquiry-related PDFs

Inquiry Ideas Wikispaces (IB -focused, examples)

The Inquiry Page - Examples, discussions, lessons

Inquiry , Thinking, Bloom's taxonomy wiki

BillsTeachingNotes wiki - De Bono's 6 Thinking Hats, Graphic Organizers, Habits of Mind etc. Don't skip it!

Taxonomy of Socratic Questions

Structuring Inquiry (Exploratorium Site)

10 Tips for Teaching Critical Thinking (Edutopia article)

Artful Thinking (Harvard)

Storybird stories by Janeh (excellent for classroom use)

The Thinking Hats on StorybirdPersonal Learning & Thinking Skills The PLT's on StorybirdIndependent Thinking on StorybirdCooperative Learning on Storybird

Activating Prior Knowledge resources

Depth and Complexity - Look at THIS example of thinking Junie B. Jones (I was utterly in awe)

Critical Thinking Organization - Amazing website that includes traditional lessons remodeled

ISTE Critical Thinking Wiki

Critical Thinking Skills Are Critical - Blog post with links (resources such as lesson plans, videos etc).

Thinking Skills Tools Set (checklists you can adapt)

Questioning links from Jerry Blumengarten

A Questioning Toolkit (for older students)

Center for Inquiry-Based Learning

Active Learning Strategies wiki (wonderful examples and clear explanations)

More active learning strategies

Show Me the Strategies - excellent list of strategies to eengage students

Enquiring Minds - set of inquiry-based activities

Teaching Strategies - 4 pages of good strategies for thinking and reflection

30 Downloadable Strategies (for both students and teachers)

More Inquiry Resources (inquiry cycle, inquiry rubric etc)

Critical Thinking Model - interactive

Knowledge Sharing Tools - list of strategies to engage in learning

Fun Critical Thinking Activities - strategies that enhance thinking and collaboration