Tools for nurturing creativity.

"Opportunity for creativity should be as common in schools as pencils, chocolate milk, and notebook paper." (Krissy Venosdale)

"I have 3 muscles: CREATIVITY, APPRECIATION and IMAGINATION." (Michael Wolff - see him talk in the video)

Learning Event Generator - if you work collaboratively with other teachers and even students you can come up with your own (focused on your inquiry unit/literacy units)

Creativity Techniques - A to Z list and examples of creativity tools (amazing!) You need not much after this. It is absolutely overwhelming.

Creative Tools - Specific techniques for defining the creative problem, for creating, selecting and implementing ideas

100 Online Tools to Feed Your Creativity

Project of How - interactive library of creativity techniques

Love this: Let Out Your Creative Beast (use it with students)

Do Schools Kill Creativity? - Sir Ken Robinson talking at TED

Excellent question and invitation to reflection by Angela Maiers

The impact of TIME on creativity. A must-see.

INSPIRING video - Michael Wolff

Creativity - Everything Is a Remix by Kirby Ferguson (see other parts here and here)

Everything is a Remix Part 3 from Kirby Ferguson on Vimeo.

29 Ways to Stay Creative

What Is Being Creative?

What is being creative? from Kristian Ulrich Larsen on Vimeo.

What Can Creativity Do?

Inspire your students and enable them to overcome the fear to create and share:

Creativity Starts With Belief

A Child's Hidden Creativity