Best of the best on Bloom's taxonomy of learning.

"I may not be able to answer all your questions, but I hope I can give you interesting ways to think about it." (Patrick Monreal)

Blooming Questions - USE it with students! It is a beautiful use of by Janeh (whom I follow on Twitter) - see the story below
Blooming Questions on Storybird

Online GENERATOR of Bloom'-based rubrics - THE perfect way to create your rubrics!!!

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Bloom Prezi (including digital learning)

A Model of Learning Objectives using Bloom's taxonomy

Understand Blom's taxonomy through a picture - click and see the possible questions for each cognitive level

Interactive Bloom's Wheel

An entire WIKI on Bloom's taxonomy

Bloom - VERBS (neatly organized)

Visual Blooms wiki

Blogging and Bloom's taxonomy - see how taxonomy is applied int he digital world, too!

Bloom's taxonomy gets digital - by Telly Tenkely (great educator and exceptional blog - bookmark it!)

Taxonomy Wheel (poster) -

**Google** Bloom's taxonomy by Kathy Shrock)

Activity Analysis based on Bloom's taxonomy (PDF) - Edorigami.edublogs

Introduction to Bloom's Taxonomy - check other pages too (i.e.. Questioning Strategies)

Bloom's Taxonomy With Apps wiki

Another Bloom's taxonomy chart for apps


Diferentiation livebinder