The best of the best blogs to follow. I selected ONLY those that related to thinking, inquiry, PYP, leadership and creativity. I have many but for different purposes (technology, innovation, art, writing strategies etc). I decided though to add only those that you would find most useful.

TEDucation by Zoe Elder - Exceptional! TED talks related to learning and reflections on them. A must read for the thinking educator.

Full On Learning by Zoe Elder - You will rarely find an educator so focused on thinking and creativity.

The Art of Language - Sam Sherratt has been my Northern Star, so to speak, in what regards the PYP, inquiry and thinking techniques.

Inquire Within - A few PYP teachers' reflections on inquiry.

The Principal of Change - My favorite blog on leadership by George Couros. Inspirational, powerful, authentic, humble, visionary. Everything in the right dose.

Design Thinking for Educators (not a blog but excellent source of thinking & inspiration)


Kathy Shrock's website
Silvia Tolisano - Langwithces blog -